SGSL By-Laws



The name of this organization shall be known as the Seekonk Girls Softball League, Inc. and such organization may be referred to simply as the “S.G.S.L.”. The name of this League may not be used in any manner unless expressed or written permission is given by the Executive Board.


The purpose of this organization is to teach young girls the fundamentals of the game of softball and to promote honesty, loyalty and the ideals of good sportsmanship. This objective will be completed by playing supervised games.


A. The government of the S.G.S.L. will be led by the Executive Board.

B. A CORI check must be completed by all Voting Executive Board Members.

C. The Executive Board shall consist of ten (10) Members nominated and elected annually by a majority vote of the then-eligible Voting Members of the League. The Voting Membership of the league is made up of the Executive Board Members, all coaches and assistant coaches in good standing.

1. At minimum, the Executive Board shall meet once per month, (with the exception of July and August) on a day agreed upon by the Board. To conduct business, a quorum of at least Sixty percent (60%) of the Members of the Executive Board must be present at the Board Meeting.

2. Special Board Meetings may be called by the President at any time to attend to League business.

3. Noting that a quorum is necessary to do business at Executive Board Meetings, the President may request the resignation of any Officer/Executive Board Member who is absent habitually without excuse from three or more consecutive Board Meetings.

4. Should any Voting Executive Board Member miss three consecutive Executive Board Meetings, he/she will forfeit their Executive Board Voting privileges. This Member must then attend three consecutive Executive Board meetings to regain his/her Voting privilege.


D. The Officers of the League shall be voted annually by the Members of the Executive Board and shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

E. The duties and/or responsibilities of each Officer are as follows:

President - The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees and enforce all By-Laws. The President will use Parliamentary Procedures at all meetings. The President will oversee all League activities to ensure that all Members are following the By-Laws.

Vice-President – The Vice-President will assume all responsibilities of the President in the event of his/her inability to carry on in that capacity. The Vice-President will serve in this capacity until the President has the ability to resume his/her responsibilities or a new President is elected.

Secretary – The Secretary will be responsible for recording detailed minutes of all meetings. The Secretary will also be responsible for the accuracy of the Voting Membership. It is the secretary’s responsibility to ensure that only eligible Voting Members get to vote during all meetings for which they qualify. The Secretary is responsible for providing a written account of the minutes of the previous month’s meeting.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be responsible for all collections of any type. This person shall pay any bill due providing it is an authorized expenditure by either the Executive Board or the Voting Membership. The Treasurer will be responsible for submitting a detailed, written report of both income and expenditures, for the period of time between monthly League meetings, to all Voting Members at each Monthly League meeting. This report should include specific detail of each deposit as well as each expenditure.

Head Coach – The Head Coach of a team will be responsible for any and all decisions made concerning his/her team. It is his/her responsibility to oversee that their Assistant Coaches follow all By-Laws and uphold the code of the League. It is his/her job to take part in every aspect of the League, (i.e. General Meetings, fundraisers, concession duties, field maintenance, clean up, etc.). Head Coaches are subject to approval by the Executive Board.

1. Any penalties brought upon the team will be focused solely on the Head Coach unless it is blatant misuse or misconduct of rules by a specific Assistant Coach of said team. Any Head Coach not fulfilling his/her duties will be subject to a one game suspension for the first offense, one week suspension for the second offense and dismissal from the League on any offense thereafter, in accordance with Article VIII below.

2. In the event that a concession stand is opened, it is sole responsibility of the appointed Home Team Head Coach in the applicable Division, to fulfill his/her Concession Stand duties. This means making sure there is enough people to run the concession stand during their night, picking up the cash draw and opening, supervising the clean up and securely closing the concession stand at the end of the night as well as returning the cash draw to the Treasurer at home. Specific concession stand rules may be adopted by the Executive Board from time to time.

3. Home Team Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be responsible to prepare the fields (i/e. rake baselines, mound and home plate and remove any trash from the field before the start of the game. Where applicable, Home Team Coaches shall lime the baselines).

4. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches are responsible to make sure their dugouts and stands are cleaned after every game.

5. Head Coaches are responsible to attend, or appoint an individual from their Team to attend, all General and Special Meetings of the body.

6. Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches should read the by-laws annually.

Assistant Coach – It is the Assistant Coaches’ responsibility to take over the duties of the Head Coach when the Head Coach is not available. The Assistant Coaches are required to help in all aspects of this League, (i.e. General Meetings, Fundraisers, Concession Stand Field Maintenance, Clean up, etc.). Assistant Coaches are subject to approval by the Executive Board.

F The League will hold General Monthly Meetings set by the Executive Board from time to time which will be open to all who have business with this League. It is expected that each Team will be represented at General Meetings.

G Election of the Executive Board shall be performed at a Special May Meeting. The term of the Executive Board Shall begin on July 1st and run through the following June.

If an Executive Member resigns or is terminated before his/her full term has been completed, a special election will be held at the next monthly General Meeting to fill the vacancy. Anyone seeking a position on the Executive Board must be an eligible Voting Member at the time of the election.

H Any issue of policy will be decided by the Executive Board or submitted to the Voting Membership at the sole discretion of the Executive Board. Any issue of policy regarding disciplinary action will be decided on by the Executive Board.

I The Voting Membership shall consist of anyone who has attended three consecutive meetings. Should any Voting Member miss three consecutive Meetings, he/she will forfeit their Voting privileges. This Member must attend three consecutive Meetings to regain their voting privilege.

J A Member must present for at least 75% of the meetings to be considered having attended that month’s meeting.

1. All present at the monthly meetings shall sign in with the Secretary upon arrival.

2. When a Member attends his/her 1st meeting of the year, September-June, he/she must include their name, address, e-mail address (if applicable) and telephone number to be used by the League if any notification becomes necessary.

K Any volunteer who commits to this League is expected to uphold all By-Laws. A copy of the By-Laws will be available upon request. A CORI check must be completed annually by all volunteers.

L Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches, who will be returning to the League must make their intentions known to the Executive Board by the regularly scheduled January meeting.

1. Anyone approaching the League wishing to be a new Head Coach/Assistant Coach must be approved by the Executive Board.

2. The Executive Board shall be able to remove any Head Coach/Assistant Coach who is deemed detrimental to the League by a written ballot.

3. If a team loses a Head Coach during the year, the Executive Board will allow one of the Assistant Coaches as Acting Head Coach for the remaining part of the year. a. Any Assistant Coach on the said team will have first right of refusal in the case of a Head Coach leaving or being dismissed.

4. A Head Coach can be the Head Coach of only one team in the League for a specific season. EXCEPTION – Those Head Coaches who also manage a Instructional Division Team.

a. This Head Coach can be listed as an Assistant Coach on one team in each of the other divisions.

b. The team that he/she manages will take priority over all other teams’ responsibilities.

c. If a Head Coach does not live up to his/her responsibilities to the team of priority, he/she will be subject to forfeiting his/her position as Head Coach.


A This Charter or any section thereof may be amended or repealed by a vote of 3/4ths of the Voting Membership present at the annual By-Law meeting.

1. All amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary and all Voting Members at the regular meeting.

2. Any amendments submitted for change at the meeting in writing, by a Member, may be adjusted by a vote of 3/4ths of Voting Members present after the discussion of such proposed amendment, change or addition.

B. This Charter or any section thereof may also be amended or replaced by a detailed writing signed by a minimum of 20 Voting Members and submitted to a meeting of the Executive Board at least 30 days prior to any General Meeting. At the General Meeting next after submission, the proposed Amendment shall be submitted to the Voting Members and the Constitution amended or repealed by a vote of 3/4ths of the Voting Membership present at such Meeting.


A Any girl who meets the age requirements will be allowed to play in this League.

1. The Senior Division Players will be of the following birth dates: 1997-2001.

2. The Major Division Players will be of the following birth dates: 2002-2004.

3. The Minor Division Players will be of the following birth dates: 2005-2007.

4. The Instructional Division Players will be of the following birth dates: 2008-2010.

B Any Player on a High School varsity softball roster will be allowed to play in the League.

C Players shall be allowed to play outside of their designated age division with approval of Board

D The Executive Board is hereby empowered to amend age brackets depending upon enrollment in any particular season.


A. ALL League-related expenses MUST be submitted to the League Treasurer and reviewed by the Executive Board prior to payment. ALL major purchases MUST be pre-approved by the Executive Board. For the purpose of this section, “major purchases” shall be defined as those in the excess of $100.00.

B. The Players and League Members will be expected to help in raising funds for the League expenses. The type of fundraisers will be determined by the Voting Members. All fundraisers will be presented to the League in writing.

C. The Treasurer shall collect/disburse all League income/expenses, upon review and approval by the Executive Board.

D. A monthly report must be given on the concession stand during the season. This should be given by the Treasurer.


A. Any and all rules shall be voted on by the Executive Board. The League will follow all of the rules of the American Softball Association, (A.S.A.), except as modified or specified below:

1. The home team shall occupy the dugout located on the third base side of the playing field.

2. No player should sit out more than 2 innings per 6 inning game.

3. All Players should wear a complete uniform as provided by the League.

4. Upon request by a Head Coach, only the President or his/her designee may cancel a game before the starting time. After the designated starting time, only the umpire shall have the authority to cancel a game. It is up to the Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches to inform the Players.

5. A continuous batting order will be used in all divisions.

6. For the Players’ safety no hair spray, radios, brushes, etc. will be allowed in the dugout. No Jewelry of any type shall be allowed.

7. No person will be allowed to stand on the dugout seats.

8. There will be no smoking allowed in any dugout or field of play.

9. All teams will make the playoffs. A championship playoff schedule will be determined by the Executive Board.

10. Rules may be amended by the Executive Board from time to time.

11. Starting times and game limits will be determined once permits are given.

12. All rained out games will be made up per schedule, if possible. Head Coaches are not to do their own scheduling.

13. If a team cannot field the minimum Players (8) to start a game after the 15 minute grace period, the game will be considered a forfeit.

14. A courtesy runner will only be used in case of injury or previous approval by the board. If the injury is sustained in the first inning, the last batter out or last batter in the lineup will be the courtesy runner. At any other time during the game, the player who made the last out of the preceding inning will be the courtesy runner.

15. Only Head Coaches, assigned Assistant Coaches, Scorekeepers and roster Players of the teams scheduled on the field will be allowed in all dugouts with the exception of the Instructional League.

EXCEPTION: If a team needs assistance for any game because a Head Coach or Assistant Coach is unable to attend, their spot can be filled by a Member of the League.

16. During a game, no Player will be allowed to leave the dugout/playing field except for emergencies.

B. Practice for all Divisions: No Team practice is allowed prior to April 1st. Head Coaches are expected to conducted at least two (2) practices per week prior to the first game of the season (subject to the weather). Players are expected to attend practices and games. To the extent possible, practices will be scheduled by the League and Players and Coaches will be provided with a practice schedule.

C. Awards will be determined by the Executive Board.

1. No team or individuals associated with the League will be allowed to use “S.G.S.L.” or “Seekonk Girls Softball League” on jackets, sweatshirts, hats, plaques, trophies, etc. unless authorized by the Executive Board.


A. Good Sportsmanship shall be a priority of the League. Each Head Coach/Assistant Coach shall instill the elements of good sportsmanship into the Players of his/her team. After each game each team shall shake hands to congratulate each other on a well-played game. Unsportsmanlike conduct to include but not be limited to making disparaging remarks to the opposing Team/Player(s), not shaking hands after the game, throwing or misusing League equipment or other similar type behavior will not be tolerated. A one game suspension may result for any occurrence, with subsequent occurrences resulting in a stiffer penalties as determined by the Executive Board.

B. No foul language will be allowed. Any Head Coach/Assistant Coach/Player using foul language directed toward Umpires, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Players and/or Fans, should be reported to the Umpire and will receive as a 1st Offense: An automatic ejection from the game by the Umpire and will be reported to the Board for further review. 2nd Offense: An automatic one week suspension from the League. 3rd Offense: The person ejected must then appear before the Executive Board which will by vote:

1. Determine the number of games for suspension which must exceed one season; or

2. Assess a suspension for the remainder of the season.

C. No combative physical contact will be allowed between Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches/Players. With Head Coaches/Assistant Coaches, Umpires or Players. Any such person will be immediately ejected from the game/field.

1. The person ejected must appear before the Executive Board which will vote to:

a. Reinstatement;
b. Determine a number of games for suspension;
c. Assess a one season suspension; or
d. Suspend indefinitely.

D. Special care should be taken when dealing with children. Verbal abuse in the form of harassment or derogatory comments aimed at belittling children will not be tolerated. A one game suspension may result for any occurrence, with subsequent offenses resulting in a stiffer penalty, as may be determined by the Executive Board.

E. Coaches shall be aware that judgment calls on the part of an Umpire shall not be questioned.

F. A Coach or Assistant Coach who fails to adhere to these By-Laws may be brought before the Executive Board and disciplined. Such offending Coach may be subjected to suspension or placed on to probation for up to three (3) years by a majority vote of the Executive Board. Additionally, the Executive Board may, on its own motion or upon the advice of one-half of the Head Coaches in a particular Division, recommend and request the dismissal of a Coach who clearly and consistently fails to adhere to these By-Laws. Such offending Coach may be banned from the League and participation therein for a reasonable time to be determined by the Executive Board, taking into account the severity of the transgression. This action can only be accomplished after a special Executive Board Meeting where the offending party shall have the opportunity to be heard before final action is taken. All such disciplinary action taken by the Executive Board shall be reduced to writing and revealed to the Members at the next General Monthly Meeting after such action is taken.


A. Instructional Division Player Selection:

1. New Players to the Division/League shall be randomly assigned to teams with the goal of providing the best possible balance of age levels equally throughout the Division.

2. Coaches’ daughters shall be assigned to her parent’s Team.

3. Sisters shall be placed on the same Team, unless her parent shall specifically request otherwise.

4. Requests to play on specific teams will not be granted.

B. Minor, Major, and Senior Division Player Selection:

1. All Players shall be placed in the draft.

2. The Executive Board will establish skill demonstration dates for all registrants as soon as possible after registration.

3. At the skills demonstration, all girls will be rated on their ability to throw, field, bat, and any other skill deemed necessary. 

4. Teams will be picked based upon a draft system.

5. Coaches’ daughters shall be assigned to her parent’s Team.

6. Sisters shall be placed on the same Team, unless her parent shall specifically request otherwise.

7. Head Coaches will be allowed one Assistant Coach, whose daughter will be evaluated at the skills demonstration for draft placement. 

8. Requests to play on specific teams will not be granted.

C. Anyone not signing up to play before the draft date will be assigned to a Team by the Executive Board. A spot on the roster will not be held for any Player not signing up by the announced draft date.

D. The Executive Board is hereby empowered to modify these draft procedures in the event of an increase or decrease in the number of Teams within a Division or in the event of a realignment of the Membership.


A. On an annual basis there will be an All-Star Game for the Minor, Major and Senior Divisions at the close of each season.

B. Selection of All-Star Team Players:

1. The Executive Board shall predetermine the number of Players and/or Alternates to be selected from each Team to compromise the All-Star Team(s) and how they will be picked.

2. Alternatives shall only be allowed to play in the All-Star Game in the event that a selected All-Star is unable or unwilling to play.

C. Minor, Major & Senior Division:

1. The Head Coaches of the 1st and 2nd place teams shall be the Head Coaches of the All-Star Teams

2. Assistant Coaches of the All-Star Team shall be compromised of all of the other Head Coaches within the Division.

3. In the event that the regular season Champion Head Coaches are unwilling or unable to perform the duties of the All-Star Head Coach, then the Head Coach of the third place Team shall have the next choice and so on.

D. The length, location and special rules, if any, for the All-Star Game shall be determined annually by the Executive Board.


All travel league coaches should be voted by the Executive Board.  The Team Manager is solely responsible for the travel team, not the recreation league (SGSL).  Therefore all expenses are the responsibility of the Team Manager.  Expenses include but are not limited to items such as tournament fees, equipment, uniforms, etc.  All travel teams are required to submit an income/expense statement to SGSL recreation league on May 1 and August 1 or at the request of the league President or Vice-President.  The travel team should be representing the town in a respectable manner always demonstrating good sportsmanship.


A. Because our League is dedicated to children, there will be no alcoholic beverages served at any League related activities.


A. All equipment will be provided by the League, (except for gloves), and shall be of the best quality which the League can afford to provide. All equipment shall meet A.S.A. specifications as appropriate by Division. All bats must be marked “Official Softball”. Any other bat shall be considered illegal. Equipment shall be inventoried by all Head Coaches at the beginning of each season. New Equipment will be purchased by the League and provided to each Head Coach, as necessary and appropriate, at the commencement of each new season. Head Coaches are responsible for re- inventorying the Team’s equipment prior to placing it into storage at the end of the season. Head Coaches are responsible to maintain and keep safe the equipment while in their custody. Lost or stolen equipment must be reported to the Executive Board.

B. The Executive Board may appoint an Equipment Coordinator who shall be responsible to purchase game and practice balls, mouth guards, (for each player), rule books, score books, ice packs, and replacement equipment, such as bats, bases, catcher’s gear, pitcher’s mound, carry sack, and first aid kit, on an annual basis, prior to the commencement of the season. All major purchases must be coordinated by the Equipment Coordinator, approved by the Executive Board and then submitted for reimbursement or otherwise paid by the League, C.O.D.


A. In the event that an unforeseen contingency arises which is not otherwise covered within the scope of these By-Laws, the Executive Board is hereby authorized to formulate policy and make decisions pertaining thereto consistent with these By-Laws.