Junior Division Rules



1. Players will use an 11” softball

2. Up to 10 defensive players may be on the field at one time with distinct separation of infield and outfield

3. A continuous batting order will be used

4. All players will bat in an inning, unless 3 outs are recorded

5. As the season progresses, coaches may decided to incorporate leading off bases. A lead may be taken once the ball leaves the pitchers hand, but the runner is not allowed to steal.

6. Each batter will be allowed 6 pitches to bat the ball in play. Any batted foul ball on the 6th ball will not count as one of the 6 pitches unless the player attempted to bunt. Each batter that fails to put the ball into play will be counted as an out and the next batter will be up. Additional pitches are allowed if players foul a ball off.

7. No advances on an overthrow are allowed

8. Games will be approx 60-75 min 

9. Games will be coach pitched

10. One defensive coaches are allowed on the field

11. Offensive coaches will pitch, cover 1st and 3rd bases, as well as be allowed behind the catcher to assist the batter. As the level of play improves the goal will be to remove the defensive coach from the field and the hitting coach from home plate.

12. Sliding is allowed and encouraged with any close plays